Space Al..len

K. I did this after a simple sketch of an alien guy. Comments are welcome.

This is my first post in a forum EVER. :stuck_out_tongue:

It appears your image isn’t working :expressionless:

And congratulations on your first forum post ever. Now you can never leave.

oh poo. i’ll guess i’ll try imageshack?
any better ideas anyway?

Oh I like it. It looks very cell-shaded (which could very well be true, I don’t know.)

What are those two dots on its hip area? Nipples?

Funy :stuck_out_tongue:
Punk man does will good worked :-? :smiley:

i like it. when people say “simplicity is good” (or whatever that saying is) this is the kind of thing they’re reffering to. i really like it. keep it up man, it seems like you’ve got an artistic eye, and that kind of thing combined with the blender skills you could acuire from practice tends to be deadly. :wink:

ok, i used toon diffuse + toon specular. it’s made of subsurfs, and the main model is placed on a large plane, i carefully chose the background of the camera to match the resulting render color of the plane. after rendering it, i had an edit at it with the gimp, cause the colors were fade. the model has an incomplete skeleton (the bones are there but not all vertices are linked - just the hands).

also, i wanted it to have a black contour, but i didn’t know how to do that :slight_smile:
i guess i’ll google for a tutorial or smth.

thought you might wanna know.

the two dots are, well, whatever you like. i think they remind me of mickey mouse. perhaps they’re buttons. perhaps belly buttons.

look! free smileys! [!] [>] :expressionless: %| :wink: :Z 8) :frowning: :x :stuck_out_tongue: :o :expressionless: :< :smiley: :-? (i wish they were 3D)

I like it a lot. It’s simple and good!

You can create black borders (or “edges” between objects) selecting the “edge” button on the left hand side in the F10-menu. If you increase the edge value you can even inlcude thinner lines in intra-pbject-boundaries…
Good for simple things, but that tool lacks the control you might want to have over the thickness of the lines etc…

It looks really good. Simple yet artistic in its own way. the Mickey Mouse dots kind of make its crotch look like a face though. lol :smiley: