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  1. how could i make a nice asteroid belt?

  2. When i put a texture on a sphre it doesnt cover the whole sphere, it comes up once on each face. How could i fix this?

  3. Does anyone Know some goodyafray tutorial sites? I cant find any…

These would really help, thanx.

I’m a newbie, but here is an asteroid I created:

I simply used a cube, subdivided it a couple of times, scaled it a bit to elongate it, went into edit mode and prodded and poked a few vertices. I then gave it a marble texture mapping to col and nor. I rendered it with the unified renderer. For lighting I used the traditional 3 point lighting technique. A world environment with stars completed it.

I know it’s not very good, but it is easy to do in Blender.

Hope this helps a bit.

you can actually render things in gmax?

your answer here will be very biased towards blender

[all I’ve heard about gmax is that it isn’t that great, and I know it is intended for extending games: not as a 3ds max version stripped down or a demo]

  1. yes, you haven’t uv mapped the image it seems.

I’d imagine you just went into face select mode and selected your image [or did you do something with the materials?]

well anway, to get an image on a sphere [particularly with uv mapping] is a rather complex topic. do a search [for mapping, uv will not return any results] and read through the several threads on the topic

if you mean just material settings, set it to use the orco coordinates [default] and set the image texture as being mapped to sphere. this will wrap it around a sphere like a map

  1. I would suggest you get used to blender before even considering yafray

As a space scene creation fan, I must reply to this to help you :smiley:

  1. To create a single asteroid, I usually add in an uvsphere (or ico depending on your preference :P). Subdivide slightly, apply subsurf on the model. Then I enter in edit mode and activate the PET (proportionnal editing tool, O key). Then I start modifying the sphere so it looks more ovalish, some bumps here and there etc… so it doesn’t look all perfect. Instead of subdiving at first, you can also frac. subdivide which will creat some more bump. Be sure to also use the “smooth” key (the one near frac. sub, or use the the ‘w’ menu) to reduce the sharpness of the bumps. Repeat this step again and again untill you have a good amount of different asteroid (nothing look as bad an asteroid made made up from the same asteroid :wink: ). Then you can duplicate around to create a small part of the whole belt. Be sure to not place your asteroid to close to each other or it won’t look any good in final. Then you can select the asteroid you have and duplicate those around. Be sure to have all of them in different orientation, so the asteroid that are actually the same looks different when seen in a single point of view. Also what make up a nice asteroid belt is “dust” also orbiting with the asteroids. This can be created using particles but will take up alot of time to render. You could add planes with alpha mapped texture so only, let say, the middle part of the place show somekind of dust cloud. (you can manage to do this using procedural texture, you can search for a tutorial about ‘stencil’. You could create such an effect by having a blend (sphere) texture as a stencil, and a cloud texture to create the dust effect).

  2. In the material menu, search for the 4 buttons that tell blender how to apply the texture to the model. Those buttons are labelled “Plane, Cube, Tube, Sphere”. In your case, a spherical mapping should be used. This will create a problem tho if your texture is not appropriate. The top and bottom part of your asteroid (where the texture kinda wrap itselft to cover the area) will looks weird. There is unfortunatly no way to go over that. I once created an asteroid field, the trick I used to cover this “bug” was to simply rotate every asteroids so I wasn’t seeing the top or bottom :wink: (this wouldn’t really work in an animation tho…)

  3. I have no clue, sorry hehe

Hope this helped! :smiley:

k iknow about those 4 buttons and that didn’t work but i’ll try something else that i just thought of.

also thanx for the asteroid tip.

ps. Personally i dont like gmax (you cant render) . Basically Zer0d was right about it. i jus wanted to see other opinions.

What was the point of posting the option if you can’t render with it?