space/atmospheric fighters

(NateTG) #1

here’s some fighters I made. capable of both space and atmosphereic flight. (I needed someway to explain the intakes. ;)) I think they look pretty cool. comments, suggestions?


(Ecks) #2

WOW! nice work man! I really like the fighter…One thing: What is the pink think around it?

(bg3D) #3

thats cool!

(Alltaken) #4

nice work like the reflections on the ships

i always like seeing planets in the background how about a planet like earth or somthing. could get some nice reflections off a planet.

great ships

(S68) #5

Nice design :slight_smile:


(blengine) #6

awesome ships! that pink stuff is a bit odd, but i like the ships alot

(kaktuswasse) #7

cool work,man!! The design of the ships
looks pretty areodynamic :wink: But it’s imho a
lit bit too pink :wink:

(sten) #8

cool strange colors…Star Trek Universe :wink: ?