Space Battle AddOn

Hi All,

I have been working on an AddOn for Blender 2.65 to handle some of the tasks of generating a large number of missiles in a space battle scene. It is still a work-in-progress but I thought I would share what I have so far.

Space Battle is a new python AddOn for Blender 2.65 that manages multiple missile attacks from launch points to a target points. One thing the Blender particle system lacks is the ability to use another particle system as a particle. This is essentially the definition of a missile or fireworks. This AddOn emulates a rate based particle system and generates standard particle systems for each rate based particle. The AddOn prepares a path for the missile to travel along, then adds a particle system to be the missile’s trail or exhaust. When the missile reaches its target it is removed the scene and an explosion image sequence is added to the end of the generated path. There is also a light whose intensity is synchronized with the explosion growth to cast real light into the scene as the explosion grows, peaks then decays.

Sounds like a good addon, thanks…

Wow, this is pretty cool. You have definitely thought this out really thoroughly and I can’t wait to see how development progresses.

Hey Everyone,

I have another update to the Space Battle Addon that is in the works. Here is another short video on the new code type 1 for controlling ships in a Space Battle scene.

I appreciate and like this. But if you have only one missile to animate, say, you could make it follow a path, ja?

Anyways, excellent work. Is the smoke added automatically?