Space Battle Dilemma over Yafray/Blender

I am trying to render a small space battle scene with a couple of fighters, ships, maybe even an asteroid and a planet. I am hoping to make it a quick animation of two minutes tops but first things first.

Now here’s the dilemma.

I want to render glass canopies and more realistic alloys and steels, all of this requires reflection, refraction and the like. Blender handles that poorly, whereas the ray-tracer Yafray does it well.

Second, and in no way less important, I want to render fog media. With something that can be represented as fog, I can easily manipulate it into explosions, engine exhaust, nebula, etc. The best tool for this is Blender’s halo material. However, Yafray doesn’t support Blender’s halo.

I need the voice of experience to get me past this hurdle (assuming it can be done of course.) I prefer a solution that works for Yafray mostly because Yafray renders better images (no offense meant to Blender, but with the same amount of work a ray-tracer will always render a more realistic scene than a scan-line renderer.) Is there a way to render fog media in Yafray? Or, failing that, is there a way to render realistic glass and metal in Blender’s internal scan-line renderer?

I appreciate it.

Blender Internal isn’t actually worse than Yafray in my opinion… Yafray is just more suited for complex glass renders and fine lighting (GI and stuff).
I’d use Blender internal, as it also has rather good raytracing, reflecting and refracting… the only thing thats missing is caustics… but that won’t be of ay importance in a space render…
And for your animation, rendering speed would also be of some importance… So i’d stick with Blender Internal.

BTW… Blender Internal also is a raytracer, when you activate the “ray” button in the render settings.