Space battle scene?

Im new to Blender and already have a future project planed.

Im wanting to model and composite a space battle, warp speed, phaser fire, energy shields and explosions. The models taking damage, just a good head to head space dog fight.

Can I do this in Blender?

Im Shane C.


Yup. But it sounds more like game engine stuff you’re talking about.

Oh, and welcome to the forums and to Blender. Enjoy your stay.

Not a game. A story Im trying to finnish, that I started back in 88’

shane c.

Sure it can, you just have to model, animate, texture and render everything.

There is an example of a large scale space ship launching a fleet of fighters here at the Lux forum:

thanks guys!

shane c.

Would YafaRay be better for animation?

Can anyone recommend these books:


shane c.