Space Battle WIP

This is a WIP space battle scene with an Easter Egg. The Shot is a test render from a 300 frame animation. Next is to add some more “mini” explosions on the big chevron objects from the weapons fire.

Thoughts and comments welcome.


Looks good. Can’t see much detail of the ship though. Also, you’re missing stars. It looks kinda empty without it.

I do all the background plates in post production. Currently I render TGA’s with RGBA and use the alpha channel for compositing in either Composite Lab or AE.

In these shots, it’s more an overview of the battle. There will be some close up shots of things blowing up with more details.

There is a lot more things to add into these shots, but I rendering things a layer at a time.

well, I don’t want to sound harsh or anything…but if there is something I find completly lame is to use other people’s models…even if they are free and legal to use…

I’d say learn to model…it just look lame to see that great battlestar fighting against some polygons…

I think your halos as phasers or whatever need to be smaller. They are gigantic. And I’d increase the count on the yellow lasers as well. They look like… well… halos. I’d also try ambient occlusion to give the “space shadow feel”, and that might darken your explosion a little, for it is a little white.