space battle

i’ve been thinking about making an epic space battle, having a bunch of small ships fight 1, or very few, very large ships/stations. haven’t really sat down and dedicated much time to this project. i like to work on it a little, think about the designs a few days and work on it some more. none of the ships are very detailed, as i’d like to make them as simple (low polly) as possible. have thought about greebling, but i don’t think it is appropriate. at this time i have one big ship (wont label it a station, just don’t feel comfortable labeling it such) that i call “something”… i just haven’t thought of a proper name. The name of the smaller ships are “Eagle”, “Reaper”, “Spider” “Widow Maker” and “Wraith”.


i guess i can only do 5 attachments, here is ‘‘something’’


If you want critics give us a render on a lighter background where we can actually see the models.

try using the set smooth option, unless its for a game, use more polygons

hi dude! always have loved your work and im intrested in this, hope you dont mind if i want to contribute a ship… folder/destructor%20low%20poly%20ship.blend folder/destructor%20low%20poly%20ship.blend

EDIT: uhh i dont think that link worked just serch this link for me (iliketosayblahagain) and download the low poly destructor ship

@iliketosayblah: it wont let me dl the file. registered an account and still asks for authentication when i click on any of your files.

made some slight changes to widow maker


yea sorry about that but the uploader seems to be having tecnical difficultys at the moment, apparently it will be back on next month :(… i will see if i can find another way to put up the blend file (sorry for any inconvinience :()

Another ship i’m working on. Think I may call this one ‘‘personal cruiser’’.


Like the shape so far on the personal cruiser.

@Unimatrix: thanks! :slight_smile:

made some changes to personal cruiser. pointed out the fins, added some guns and added some antennas (though i don’t know if i like them), lowered the rear end and moved the round top towards the rear. thinking about making a ds9 like station or maybe making a few more crafts.

EDIT:added colored version, though i’m not sold on the colors, just wanted to see what it looked like in color


i decided to rename ‘‘personal cruiser’’ to ‘‘viper’’ as it seems to fit it more. i removed the guns and the loop antennas as they just didn’t seem to go with the rest of the craft.