Space Blast 9000

I have been working on this game for quite some time. It started as messing around, but turned into my most complex game engine piece and something I am fairly proud of. I focused mainly on the game logic, keeping the art design pretty basic. It is definitely not done, but this first level is nearly complete (need to work on the boss and replace the player model with something a bit more well designed and unique along with addressing various small bugs). I’d love to hear what everyone thinks.
I wish the screen capture were sharper, but at least the sound is decent and the framerate is watchable (I pointed my video camera at the screen and piped the sound through it).

Here is a link to the YouTube video:

I like it!
It reminds me of the old spaceinvader days :slight_smile:

Screenshots play? :slight_smile:

It was inspired by those old top down arcade shooters, specifically this one:
I used to play Raptor all the time on my parent’s old Windows 3.1 computer back in the 90’s.

Here are a few screenshots, it is kind of hard to take them in game since I have to press the Fn key to get to the print screen button and that usually gets me killed… I am in the process of baking textures and optimizing performance. I figure the file will be about 30-40MB. I hope to put up a blend file or an exe soon.

You’ve got to keep the terrain very basic. Give the ships more detail and you’ll have nailed the style. You’ve got to make sure that the ship is distinguishable from the terrain.


Great job, I’ve always loved those kind of games.

This is awesome! I love the arcadey aproach to the game play. The one thing I suggest you work on are the giant rocks. I can’t tell which one’s you can or can’t hit.

I am probably going to re-do the ground in the first section, maybe make it more desert-like. The reddish rocks are the ones that can hurt you.