Space-borne Cruise Ship

Here’s the cruise spaceship I’ve been working on. I still have to model the lifeboats and put some kind of decal on it but for the most part its almost done. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do? It’s missing something but I’m not quite sure what.


i wouldnt say that this is most part done, looks like the basic shape and some detail is done.

i think it is missing weapons, thrusters, bridge, hangars .ect.
looks nice for a start though

LOL at Blah. Lasers, thrusters on a Cruise Ship? Its a boat (i think) not a ‘spaceship’ cruiser. :slight_smile:

Actually there is a bridge but I picked a bad angle to take a picture. It’s not really supposed to be a battleship, just a luxury liner. The lower half is supposed to be covered in re-entry tiles like the bottom of a shuttle (for emergencies) and the notches along the middle are for the airlock interfaces for people to board. I’m trying to come up with a design to put on the thrusters on the back for the company logo, and on the top of the lower half put the name. I really need some kind of something in the dome. It looks really plain the way it is.

cruise spaceship

i think he siad it was a spaceship;)

ok, if it isnt a war cruiser, looks quite nice… somthing you could put in the dome could be like a sort of engineered forest or city, maybe a huge pool. :wink:

Im confused. I see you did say it was ‘cruise spaceship’ but then your talking about life boats. Its a ship that sails on the high seas right?

Sorry for all the confusion. My intent is to make a space-borne luxury cruise ship. The overall size isn’t supposed to be huge. There are about 8 decks for people to live in, probably 1000 people at most, and 3 or 4 for activities. By lifeboats I mean escape pods. Lifeboats sounds cooler. I’ll probably be putting a tree and pool in the dome with a running track laid out around the edge.

a cruise ship is a ship that you go out for luxury cruises on… they generally dont have weapons aboard them…

looks pretty good… now start greebling!

That’s probably what I’m missing. I do have a tiled texture on it but it certainly doesn’t look like it unless you’re up close. I still have the communications array and a few more effects to add before I can say I’m happy with it.

Im sure you have already been referring to reference pictures but i found this one which i think could help. By looking at the reference picture, there are many, MANY things you could still add. First the life boats. Second the detail on the haul, especially the lower half. If you look at the ref, i would get rid of the the large test tube on top of your ship (no offence intended) and model something like what the ref has. I night club or something i think it might be.
Or of course keep the test tube (i’ll just call it a test tube) and do what Blah said, I think a forest would look ok.


Thanks. The test tube is actually a place where people can go to look at the stars with a very good view, and will have a couple pools, running rack, a tree, and a park of some sort. Think of it as a sky dome. Imagine being in a nebula and being able to look out in almost every direction and seeing it. That’s what I’m going for with it. I actually almost started on the lifeboats but found some errors and needed to correct them but they’ll be there soon.

Here it is from a couple different angles.


I know you used real cruise ships as an insparation but wouldn’t a spaceship cruiser use the lower hall as well to build in cabins and stuff? On a water based ship it doesn’t make sense to put cabins there since there is nothing to see and hardly any light will enter but on the spaceship even the lower hull would be interesting.
This would also give a nice twist to the ship having a skydome at the bottom.

Musk is absolutely right. You should completely Rethink this ship. I thought that the one in “Fifth Element” movie was bit overdone… but i think thats what you might be after?

Here is pic of it… pretty bad tho:

Its actually Spaceship… but in this image its on loworbit… looks like its on water… thou it might be on water, but cant remember exactly how it was. But its space ship in the end… i think.

Looking at it I’m probably going to do away with the re-entry tiles on the bottom and use the same material as the top part and add windows on the bottom. The skydome really wouldn’t work for the bottom since it’s a fairly small ship, but I’ll keep it in mind for my next model. I still have the lifeboats/ escape pods to add though, which will help finish the look. Eradicor, that ship is pretty cool but it looks like a flying city. You say that’s from Fifth Element?

Yeah… I think its that one… Might be wrong, coz couldnt find better pic.

It’s the one from Fifth Element. The ship is capable of hovering in the atmosphere and traversing outer space.

There are many styles you could go after. The one you have chosen for your ship seems more current and not very fantastic. Good effort though.

Don’t forget awesomehammer it is your ship and we are simply giving suggestions. Do what ever you like. HEy maybe you want your spacecruiseship to land in water or something. Doesn’t really matter.
Waiting for updates with more detail…

Thanks. I don’t have pictures right now since I’m at work, but I’ve made the bottom white too and added a row of windows. I’ve also finally added the escape pods, but their materials aren’t final. I’m probably going to separate where the rooms meet to give it some variation and add the exhaust effect.

New updates. How do you like? The small thing is the beginnings of an escape pod.