Space Cadet ( anim test - pg 2 )

I’m still painting on this, but nearly done with the color map. I guess I could have put it in my ‘female bod ( with nudity! )’ thread, but it’s no longer nude, and it’s changed into more than a generic body with the addition of the texture. also, note the bellybutton has been flattened!

Really nice texture work Modron.

However, I think I would prefer to see the details modelled rather than textured.

But it does look nice dude.


Looks nice but too much spec.


thanks guys. here’s an update. next i will give her a weapon, then spec and bump maps.

Looks nice, one crit though: on the last image the belly-button isn’t flattened anymore, so it looks more like a bodypainting… :wink:

keep it up!

Colour map is really nice Modron.

What is the poly count on her btw? If it’s low, then maybe try a normal map instead of a bump map? Just a thought.

Again though, I would prefer to see the details modelled, rather than textured. But I’m a sucker for high poly work lately. :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks guys. minor update: added weapon.

Her butt kind of sags :slight_smile:

Seriously, this is some impressive work!

thanks. started on the environment. the texture for the ground is 1024 x 1024, but i think i should have made it bigger. i may go back and redo it later. i also have to add the bump and spec maps still on the character.
<edit> oh crap i forgot the bellybutton again. i will have to make an RVK for that lol.

Nice work mate.

Could you not tile the ground texture instead of using an even larger one?

Keep the updates coming.


thanks man. remade the ground tex, added maps for nor and raymir. some other minor adjustments. now i can think up what else i will put in the scene while i’m rigging her. arg.

you want to have her battling a giant mutant crab or something :smiley:
or a hude sand worm :smiley: Dune style creatures would rock in this scene :smiley:

Excellent model by the way and beautiful colour scheme :slight_smile:

thanks man, i thought about maybe a giant lizard.

here’s one with the new zblur setting minus the AO.

Very very impressive. Weapon seems too close to be out of focus. Weapon should be in focus on that one imho. Maybe add some grass from the fiber script for a touch of vegitation (since you have a hint of organic life in the green tint on the rocks). Overall, I think it’s coming out quite nicely. Would like to see more done with the sky in future versions of this as well.

thanks,…i decided the texture wasn’t clean enough, so after procrastinating for awhile, i repainted it from scratch. I’m not sure which I like better, but this one is much cleaner. Next I think I’ll make a spaceship, then rig her.

the fabulous ( untextured ) shuttle. i’m trying to think of other things to add too. maybe some dwellings.

Cool. I love the girl and her textures are really good. But I adore the shuttle. That one is really going to be amazing. Keep it up and keep us up-to-date. :smiley:

Good luck

thanks. did a quickie texturing job on the shuttle.

finished spaceship.