Space Cadet

I worked for some months in my spare time on this personal 3D project “Space Cadet” a character with anime characteristics, based on a concept of Guillaume Singelin, a French comic artist who has a lot of inspiration from Manga artists like Akira Toriyama(Dragon Ball) and Katsushiro Otomo(Akira). This is the fifth project of the series. The main topic to learn was Substance Designer to make some patterns. I made a guide of the workflow, this includes YouTube timelapse videos. Also if you are really interested you can download the clay render for free.

Workflow English:

Space Cadet Final Scene

Holter Monitor

12 Gauge Shotgun Shells

Energy Cartridge

Two-way Radio

Eyes Augmentation

The Process from 2D to 3D - Concept by Guillaume Singelin

Feature Image


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Thank you Michael! :upside_down_face:

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Wow … superb work. :+1:

Congratulations and thank you for sharing the model.

The workflow explains the different steps correctly and is a great help.


Thank you! :pray: I´m very happy that the workflow helped you.

You’re #featured! :tada:

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Real Cute, Nice Work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Bart! Its an Honor! :pray:

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Thank you! I appreciate it!

I struggled a bit with the crop in the featured row. If you want, you can add a new image to your post that you think will work better. Let me know :slight_smile:



I saw this on instagram! This is sooo amazing!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I put another image (Feature Image), But I dont know how to change the feature image. Also Thank you for the Blender Nation Feature.

Edit your topic (click non the pencil next to the title at the top), and click ‘select thumbnail’:

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@XYZNinja thanks mate!
@Daniel_Aubert Thank you! But here you can see the HD Version, the Instagram is Cropped.

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Done! Thank you Bart.

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Just bought the full set of gumroad, it’s fantastic.
I love the way you have created the skin for the character, would you ever consider creating a tutorial on how you produced the different texture maps.
I’d love to know your approach on the scatter map


First of all, thank you for your support Adam. I’m very happy that you liked the skin. And I’m thinking to make a tutorial at some point next year about the process in real-time. Not just a timelapse.


Fantastic News, I watch out for that :slight_smile:

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