Space Combat: Demo released

hey :slight_smile:
Ive been working on a project that is currently dubbed “Space Combat”, and ive come up with a small demo that shows the basic gameplay mechanics of it :smiley:

Use W,A,S, and D to maneuver the ship. Use the arrow keys for more precise moves. Use spacebar to shoot lasers, and CRTL to shoot Missiles.
It may be a bit hard to catch on to if you’re never played a flight sime before
Crits welcome, but keep in mind that this isn’t even half complete, and it’s just a very small demo.

Download: Space combat with title music:
zip, 7.98MB

Download: Space combat without title music:
zip, 4.41MB

for mac/linux users, or anyone wanting to see how i did things:
Download: Space combat .blend file (no title music)

It will be nearly impossible to hit the bombs If you don’t use the arrow keys. Get a basic place where you want to shoot with W,S,A and D, then aim more precisely with the arrow keys

um ya its way to hard to hit those bombs dude

Not if you use the arrow keys to aim at them…read the first post better.

You should mention the file type when you post demos like this, or post separate .exe and .blend links. I don’t really mind because I’ve got a good internet connection, but it might be annoying if someone has to wait to download the file, only to find they can’t play it. Looks cool though.

I was just going to mention that. I just wasted 45 minutes downloading a windows executable when I’m on linux. I think everyone should know there are other users besides windows users here and have a little more consideration.

Sorry about that fireside. :frowning:

I was in a hurry to make this thread,(someone else needed to use the computer)

Heres the .blend file

would like some crits…

some way of increase/decrease speed would be nice, so one can hurry to some places but slow down to aim at some times.

are there any framerate problems? does it slow down when you shoot the laser?

also, CTRL shoots missiles. Do they slow down the game? I want to keep it as lag free as possible

Is it possible to create the possibility to change the WASD setup?
I’m on an AZERTY and it’s difficult to control the ship if you have to press those buttons with an AZERTY.
Because of control issues, I can’t judge the game.

Great! I try… :smiley:

WASD it’s a standard to fps games

Oh! man nice introduction.
But I think the controls need to be fixed.
Using Ipo curves and use the mode flipper, so if you unpress any key (WASD) the ship most be to the normal orientation. (sorry my bad english pal :slight_smile: )

Im unfamiliar with keyboards like yours…could you show me a photo could you show me a photo of one with the same key setup as yours?

By the way, why didn’t you just download the blend and change the controls yourself?

Azerty keyboards are common in many countries. Notice how Charlesworth999 is from Belgium…

I already have downloaded the .blend file, but I just wanted to point out that even though QWERTY is the most common keyboard, there are others.
Dvorak and AZERTY being two well-known examples.
The (simple?) ability to change the controls is not only useful for different keyboard setups, but also for players used to other controls.
So WASD would become ZQSD on an AZERTY and <AOE on a Dvorak.

By the way, pirate (aka Arr Matey!!), wasn’t AZERTY used only in France and in Belgium or am I mistaken?

only thing i dont like about the game is that its to hard to shoot stuff. maybe a “lock on” the target would make the game more easyer to use.

remember to use the arrow keys for easier targeting…

It looks pretty cool, but I get a mission fail after about a minute and all I was doing was shooting this big ship. I think you should have an optional missile and whatever fire with the mouse buttons because it’s kind of awkward. Some of the flight with the mouse would be nice, like instead of the arrow keys. It runs smooth on my machine amd2400 geforce440 mx.

Once one of the bombs(the spheres that are floating in the air) hits the big ship, you fail the mission. You’re supposed to try to shoot the bombs before they hit the ship.

Is it complicated? I didnt think that it was, but if it’s hard for some people to understand i might have to be more descriptive in the objectives.

Btw, Did you even read the misssion objective thing that popped up once you started? Using blender 2.42

I didn’t think the mission was hard to follow, it was just very hard (took me about 7 tries to beat it!) Also, the plasma bombs are not very detailed (I know, it’s a demo, but just for the final product).

Great concept though, and the ship model is pretty nice. Keep up the good work!

Wanted Bob