Space Craft : test animation page 1

ok im currently starting another short of mine lol not that many of u have seen my ermm lets say weird animations lol. anyways i have a storybaord for this one still gotta draw up the characters and other stuff but hopefully this will be a winner if i put in the time in. heres my space ship at the moment, i have started it but still needs additions such as boosters on either side of the rear and other things such as landing gear but that will come later with a lot of extra detail.

well here it is long time no work;

p.s this hasn’t got to be super realistic but it will have a certain style to it

[!] please comment [!]

thanks reaper

Kinda hard to see with that white background but looks good so far, I like the wing tips and the nose alot. Only thing i would crit is that the cockpit looks a little to big but like you said it doesn’t have to be realistic and it’s not done yet so maybe with more added on it’ll fit.

Anyway thumbs up, I’d like to see this short when your done also, do you have a link to your other ones?

thanks for the reply yeh i have adjusted the materials so you can see whats going on better in the model. as u can see added the boosters to the rear these rotate to make the craft hover i no some of u are going to say well these are impractical as it cannot support the weight of the front but i see a way of looking into that add some minor thrusters to the front nose for instance. added a gun under the nose and thats it so far i think

comment please

thanks reaper

differnet picture added thruster things not shown on this pic to the front of the craft but have put it in a differnet backdrop with afterburners on lol
EDIT maybe the new pic wit ambient occlusion will help



Nice basic shape so far.:smiley: Here are my suggestions (might be good, might not ;))

  1. The front area of the side boosters seem a bit thin.
  2. The area where the cockpit glass joins the main hull could use something. I don’t know if the cockpit’s supposed to open by a hinge there, so I’m not sure what to put there to hide the “join” area.
  3. I think you might want to turn the subsurf level up one for your renders. ATM, it seems to have a few jagged edges.
  4. The hull doesn’t seem very smooth, it has dips and rises in it.(You might want that, though, so it might not matter)

Hope these help.:smiley:


thnaks for the reply if you mean the dips at the rear near the boosters yeh they are supposed to be there lol. also the cockpit either will hinge sidways away from the camera or i might make a hinge towards the back so it rises backwards towards the engines. yeh i see your point about the front fins they do need thickening dont seem to have much purpose otherwise the front boosters are not on yet will show them in the next render :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the reply


Good work, I think the barrels on the minigun (or gatling gun… or cannon or whatever you want to call it) need to be longer, and the gun itself might need some more shaping - at the moment it looks like a cube, which doesn’t really fit in with the smooth curves of the rest of the ship.

Yeah can get a good look at it now. The cockpit does seem to fit alot better with more added on.

I just had a thought while looking at the newest render and the nose section, maybe the thrusters could just be indents in the nose itself (and maybe even on the wings). Just jets to control turning and use the rear for main acceleration.

Also agree with the last post about the cube shape on that gun, it doesn’t quite fit the rest of the ship.

But as always my comments are just random thoughts and should only be taken lightly :slight_smile:

Looking at it kinda makes me want to jump in and fly it.

ok thanks for the replies guys made a few changes and additions moved the stabliser and sterring boosters to wings these will be used for steering in space flight. i have enlongated the missile launchers. added a few flaps for atmospheric steering. now i have jsut got to sort out the landing things and then how the driver gets out of the ship thinking out the nose pulling back. Also im going to make changes to the things thta hold the boosters together as they are too square i think.

thanks reaper

ok got updates for u i have cut it a stitched it back together so the guns are on both sides now adjusted the boosters as you can. have changed the camera view. i have also started on a cockpit / control panel you cant really see it that well from this view but there are buttons and a joystick although i dont think these will be seen to much through the animation but a nice feature to have i put them there just incase i wish to use them later on if i dont i will remove it to save on verts and render time.

C&C welcome


no replys is thta a good or a bad thing ohwell heres a test animation with the particles will post more later e.g the ship banking.

space craft test (153kb)

C&C welcome



p.s had to use putfile to upload my movie anyone else no any good video hosting sites i am not to keen on putfiles rules but it will do for tests.

I’d c&c it but I can not view it on putfile, can’t stand that site, never loads anything for me. =(

ok no worries mate i will search for a better host of shove it on my freewebs site or sumin :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks pretty good. Things I would change, the engine glow, make it brighter in the center using halos and flares. Also, randomize the particle emitters a bit so that they don’t look like the exact same flame coming from each engine. You could subdivide each one with fractle, then set a pretty high remove doubles limit and remove doubles. If this doesn’t make sense I could probably go into more detail.

yeh i agrre actually i needed to make the centre glow more so it looks more like flames rather than a blurred smoke thing currently i am just using halos for these effects

Yeah putfile wouldn’t work for me either, made me wait then wouldn’t play.

work at that halo

really work at that :wink:

Nice but it would be great to use some UV mapping.