Space Crate

I was experimenting with a glow effect. Let me know what you think.

You mean Indirect Lighting yeah? There is no glow effect applied on the image. :wink: I think it’s neat, but you should apply some glow filters through the compositor to enhance the illusion of a glowing material.

Thanks for the feedback. But to be honest, I have no idea what you are talking about. I know what I have done isn’t called anything like “Glow Effect” but to me it looks like it’s glowing. And yes, it’s Indirect Lighting. How to add glow effects the way you are talking about, I have no idea.

The glow effect happen when some colors are brighter than white, and then “bleed” color to the neighboring pixels. See the wikipedia article on bloom:

Notice for instance on your image that the edges to the highly emitting blue material is perfectly defined, which is not possible even with a 100 % in focus lens.

To achieve this effect in Blender the common approach is to blur the image and then add that blurred image on top of the original image, giving a tasty glow overlay. Even better is to use some of the glow filter nodes within the compositor. If you are unfamiliar with the compositor you should visit, Introduction to the Compositor is a good place to start.

Here is a mock-up I made in the Gimp, notice how much more energy the image conveys:

Also on another note, make sure the floor plane is covering the whole frame, so you should scale it up accordingly.

Ok, but I’m not sure how you made the glow in Gimp. And by the way, what you’re seeing is a wall , not the end of the floor plane.

He is simulating the effect that would usually be done in Blender Compositing with layers ect. in Gimp, because gimp is nice.

There is literaly thousands of pages floating around on Glow Filters in the Blender compositor so they shouldn’t be hard to find. Searching “Blender 2.5 Glow effect tutorial” should get some very comprehensive and lovely looking results.

The image looks very flat without the glow effect, Artorp’s re composite of the image I think looks both more realistic and more pleasing (Especially because AA seems to be virtually broken in 2.5)

Good luck.

this is a great explanation of how to use the glow node in the compositer