Space Cruiser - "Back Home"

I’m searching for a way to improve this render… I’d like to make the spaceship surface white, but I’ve been unable so far to achieve that in Cycles. Any suggestion?

You should add some stars, beacuse the black nothing looks boring. And the Earth looks a bit sharp, maybe you could fix that.
What was the problem with making the spaceship white? :slight_smile:

You probably want very low (if any) global lighting, one main light with sharper shadows, and a light colored blue glow coming off the earth for a space scene. As for making the spaceship surface white, I’d guess you could get a brighter white by using stronger lighting from your main light source. I think it also might be a good idea to try a different light angle.
Here’s a real space image, as you can there’s also a strong contrast in lighting , I’d recommend trying to achieve this effect.

As for your spacecraft, I like your design, looks somewhat near-futur-ish, like something NASA could build in 10-30 years.

If you are on cycles, then try to keep the material of the spaceship to ambient occlusion or mix of diffuse and AO.
Also +1 to the stars in the background idea.

I’d add some stars too. Also, the Earth seems a little low poly, can see some edges around the edge. If you could subdivide it using the modifier then I think you’re on to a winner. Kudos on the spaceship, that is something that NASA could genuinely build, at least seems so.