Space doubles own action

alright, so heres the scoop:

im making a mario party kind of game. if you are not familiar ( :o how can you not be) its bascially like a board game with mini games intertwined.

so, i have this system set up for rolling the dice and moving about the board: when you roll, lets say a 7 for example, then every time the player hits a node(im using a path node system to go around the map, by the way) that 7 counts down to zero, and when it gets to zero, it stops on the space its colliding with, and does whatever the space does.

Now, im using the simple get/setPosition to remember where each player is when i swtch to a scene with a mini game then back to the main board.

but, when that happens, it…‘re-does’ what the space does because its moving back to that space and therefore colliding with it.

for example, if i land on a space that gives me 5 coins, then play a mini game, then come back to the main board, it does the ol’ getPosition and sends me back to that space, but it will also give me ANOTHER 5 coins becuase of that.

so basically, i get 5 coins, play a mini game, come back, and get another unwanted 5 coins.

how do i stop it?! gah

nevermind. i totally fixed this bitch.