Space Fighter Engine WIP

After learning more about blender, the better I can make models :smiley:
Here is my first real attempt at full scale modelling, it is going to be a single person space figher jet. Right now I am just working on the wing with the engine. There will be an engine on both sides of the ship. I am doing by this on trial and error since I am still learning blender. There are no references, only my imagetation in my head. Hope you’ll like and finally here are a couple screenshots ;



Please Crit or comments and thanks.

I like it… Reminds me a tad bit of a turbo prop… But nevermind that. The “wing” or square thing you have sticking out the side… You might consider deforming a clyinder instead of using a cube. I think you might get better results.

Good start! I look forward to updates.


its alwayus good to see new peoplein blender. if you would like some advice. i would say… take that one model and make it better repeatedly with something new.

something i would say now would be to take that model and learn to texture, use it to learn about alpha maps… UV mapping, specular mapping, bump mapping and luminesance. if you need any help just drop me a pm. :smiley:

Is this “space” fighter ever going to actually fly in an atmosphere, otherwise I don’t see the need for a turbine engine, since those mostly work by the fact that it’s sucking air in, and there is no air in space. In either case, I might make the attaching arm a little wider on the engine side, perhaps a stretch on the backside for more support. Good start though keep it up. :slight_smile:

Okay thanks for the comments, right now I am just modeling the way I imagnied. Finish it then go back and texture and bump map the model. I think modelling should be completed before any attempts to texturing and such.

Yes it is going to be used for space, but it has to leave earth somhow, so in a way it is turbine engine (front) and propulsion type engine (back) like on X-Wings.

Thanks for the comments, I will bring updates when I get more done.

just thought I’d link this to show you. The X-wing does not have a turbine engine, it’s a fission engine. :slight_smile:

In any case, keep up the modeling!