Space Fighter


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I often do an background check on people who give me compliments. I am here to give some back. :wink:
This is really a nice model, everything included (design, model, materials, rendering). I really like that it looks a little oldschool (the design and materials), kinda reminds me of the old days of SciFi Movies.
I have to echo what Mark06Gt is saying that it looks like a miniature model, but i don’t it is necessarily a bad thing. I know you did it unintentionally, but its actually quite charming. It makes it look less like CGI.
I think its not only the DOF and dispersion (vignette doesn’t matter) but i think the focal length of your camera and the angle you choose.
If you for whatever reason want to get rid of the effect i would advice to check your scene scale (keep it real) which will make your DOF more realistic, play around with the focus length and maybe position your camera in a more humanly position (eye height) or if you like that angle from above, maybe put something near the camera to give more sense of space. (Something like an view down from an balcony or put some tall light poles in the foreground)
Keep on grinding, the end result will be worth it (already is very nice).


Thank you very much! :smiley: Yea oldschool is definitely the inspiration. I’ve been looking at a lot of Star Wars kit bashing for inspiration, even though the overall shape of the ship is not very Star Wars styled.
And I hear ya on the camera angle. I just like it because it shows the ship off the best. But yes I’ve definitely thought about adding some foreground elements. Thanks for the tips!


A quite different style scene from before. Hopefully the scale looks better here :slight_smile:

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It really shows, in the greeble stuff and the material, you really nailed that grey plastic look of old miniatures models.
In regards to depth i would like to really hammer it home by recommending this short essay on Michael Bay:

Which is also the reason why i recommended lamp posts.
I know you’re not necessarily doing an animation, but most of the things mentioned apply to stills too.

Also if you’re done with he ship consider doing an render in space with an nice planet in background.

(Maisam Hosaini) #25

Intresting nice work.