Space fighter

Here is a fighter I’m working on, but I’m unsure of were to go from here (all my other ships didn’t make it past this point). Should i re-model in high detail? Or get the detail from the basic shape?


now you have a basic idea of what the form of the ship/fighter might be.
In my opinion the reason, why all your earlier attempts stopped at this point was
that you started to early. Take your time and think what the whole project shall be,
the more you think about it, the more detail will evolve out of the thinking process.

Maybe grab a pencil and sketch some parts with detail on a paper, even if your not
got at drawing. A precise idea will let you concentrate yourself on the implementation
not on the idea itself. Thats often my problem, i start before i thought it all over, and then in the middle of the work, i reach a point where i must think, and this interrupts your work.

So if this thing shall become a fighter, maybe decide where to place the weapons, laser-turrets, or model the cockpit and don’t just texture it, this will give it more complexity and maybe you will then see improvements that stimulates your creativity.

Don’t finish things that early.

Have a nice night out there

Gjevon’s advice is great. Also, learn about subsurf modelling (aka “box modelling”), and the mirror modifier.

Hey that looks like the Starfox N64 ship! Nice start! :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s what it is! An Arwing. It also looks kinda like some of the ships from Elite/Frontier/First Enconuters and I was trying to place it there …

a little trick for insetting the window/visor thing (the blue but, ive totally forgotten what its called)
select the faces of where you want it to be inset and extrude in then push up a tiny bit then seperate by pressing p.

I totally agree with Gjevon. Having a sketch (it doesn’t have to be an elaborate painting, a simple sketch will do just fine) is important. That way you always know where to go with your project.
My advice is that you print out the rendered picture of your fighter and then take a pencil and just draw some details on it. After that you go back to Blender and start adding the details.
The basic shape of your fighter can be quite lowpoly. I started on my latest project with a lowpoly shape and added subsurf modifier to it to get a more high-poly look.

update: I worked on the engines, and a little on the cockpit.

thanks for all your good advice!

worked on the life support/survival gear on the back

[![ Pictures/backship_thumb.png]( Pictures/backship_thumb.png)]( Pictures/backship.png)
[![ Pictures/backdetail_thumb.png]( Pictures/backdetail_thumb.png)]( Pictures/backdetail.png)

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