space fighter

here is a space fighter i have been working on i know there is still some work to do on modeling but i want to go ahead and texture the main body of it but when i go to unwrap it the UV’s look like crap.i don’t know if it is that i just suck at uv unwraping or it is just being a pain.i have included the blend file if anyone want to try.but here is what the model looks like so far.


is no one going to comment

Hi Brender,

Looks good, but if I where you I would put this in the WIP for more comments and constructive critism. The focused critique section seems like more of a place to pick out errors, lighting problems, and minor details rather then post major updates in a unfinished mesh.

But again, it looks good… We just need more to look at.


can a mod please move this thread to wip

I think if you edit your first post to have a title that requests a move the mods will see it and move it. I’ve never had to do it though, so I’m not 100% sure.