Space fireworks atmosphere (renamed from Uniberse)

Hi, I spent about 20 hours over 3 days working on this, including many 10 minute test renders at full res. As the name suggests Universe Birth, didn’t come off as well as I would have liked, but the overall result is suggestive enough…upon advice I will change the name.
This was the final render.
Link for larger version, here

The next was a previous render with different render settings.
Link for larger version, here

Here’s what the scene was comprised of.
I do think there was a few less textures in the packed .blend file.
You can get the blend here if your interested. (Press the ‘download for free’ link)
(the actual inspiration was a crappy ps tutorial & I thought I could do better with Blender.) Note that I did!
No nodes, no render layers, pre texture production Irfanview, Apophysis, Blender textures.
I hope you like it.
Thanks M.A.

The first one is quite nice they both feel a bit meaningless to me. The scond one looks like it had a load of procedural textures aplied over it.

Yea a title perhaps of fireworks would have worked better for this. The scene is much to unimpressive to be the birth of the universe…not a whole lot is happening.

However it still looks pretty cool.

Hi, fair enough comments. I’ll rename it, & if the mods want to move it into Tests section or somewhere else they are welcome to.
The second one, 3 renders prior, had only raytracing turned on, it was interesting to see how changing the render settings (add shadows, radiosity, enviromap) changed the image so dramatically. Part of what I wanted to do worked in that I created a space scene using varying degrees of transparency & translucency & multiple texture settings on stacked planes.
I do think the first one is pretty cool, there’s a lot out there in space & it is not always the traditional cool planet with a good starscape.
Thanks M.A.