Space Game with planet walking and exploration

Hello everybody.

I don’t know if this question should be made here, but fill free to move it and point me in the right direction if it isn’t.

I know blender for some time now (about 2011 or 2012), but i’ve never actually grasp around it and tried to do something.

I’ve experienced with 3d modeling in maybe 2017 or 2008 using some basic tutorials in some basic software i don’t remember right know, but i’ve never really done anything in 3d, but always wanted to.

I would like to know if blender game engine is capable of developing a game similar to rodine with low poly objects, in order to not be a too heavy game, but with pretty good graphics.

Basicly i want to create a space game with a very big universe and several planets, mostly randomly or proceduraly generated and maybe some made by hand. My purpose would be to create each planet has unique as possible, but with several things in it beside mountains, i mean treas, grass, buildings or houses and so on.

Also with vehicles and diferent climates, and so on.

I have much more in mind but of course i plan to take on step at a time, i want to start by make one character, one ship, and one planet, make the ship fly to space, and carry from there.

Also want to try to create a car that needs to be refuel with gas, and create a gas station with a person that will interact with my character.

Also i would like to know what Blender can do with AI in my characters and vehicles.

Finally i want to use only blender without any outside software (i have a wish to try and make blender the only multimedia tool for 2D and 3D design, video, image and audio editing), and make use of all the mods and extensions out there.

So…any suggestions and help?


Sure this is possible. No, it is not simple nor easy.

There is a game in one of the BGMC’s that creates multiple planets you can land on.

I made a low poly space game that monster mentioned. I had to make it low poly because I wouldn’t have enough time in the competition to optimize textured, non-low-poly planets. Making a game like this is absolutely possible but not very easy.

Thank you for your reply, i’ve read here that Nicholas_A made the game.

Really, thats great, do you have the game is free source?

If so, can you send me the game or posto a link here for me to download it, there’s a site where you can store file up to 2 Gb for free for 15 days, that’s

My mail is [email protected]

Thank you.