Space - Game

Hallo all :eyebrowlift:
here is my space - game
controls are w/tab , s , LMB, RMB , mouse
if you can see F1 in the game, use F1-key to jump in the next level
l am using py – scripts from pat and skullbunny
I have work a little bit on the scripts to fit in my game
there are three blend files, please take all together
the first level is the wind_248.blend, start here
OK, hope all is working for you and you have fun with it :slight_smile:



if you want to play the game without Blender, here is a link to
the blend’s, dll’s and the blenderplayer, start the game
with the game_start.bat (windows)

This is really truely awesome. Just add some sound, game menue, more levels and sort of a story, and it will be a complete game

too hard for me :frowning:
but looks great!


This is truly amazing. It needs sound and some polish, but wow it is fun to play.

Edit: Ha, Nikolay said the same thing but it deserves to be said twice!

That is awesome.
My only suggestion would be to reduce and increase the size of the flames depending on the thrust.

Looks a lot like rogue squadron, which is a good thing.

I love that game

Hallo again
oh, you like the game, that s nice
thanks for your positive opinions
yes, the game needs sound more levels and a menu
I work on it but it need time
if there is any new step in my game I post it here

This is a difficult game, but it’s a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

Here is a screenshot, but it doesn’t do it justice.:no:


Very nice!!



Much better screenshots.:yes: