space goat shaman- WIP

Hey guys. This is a character i’we been working on for quite some time. Shes a draenei shaman from World of Warcraft (commonly called space goats hence the title).
and heres what iwe got so far:

base models:

and body texture wip

I hope youll like it and any critics and suggestions are welcome.

Proportions and form are off below the knee. The second joint isn’t rounded and doesn’t look solid enough for the anatomy. Hooves are also too small. Also need a more exaggerated arch in the back and the base of the tail is too thick. The face too narrows more towards the chin.

The armor looks great, you’ve done a great job with it.

I’ve worked a bit with Draenei also (you can check my gallery if you like).

Thanks for tip Quandtum i’ve did what you suggested. and heres what ive got so far (hairs are only for tests purposes). still need to finish few textures and fix few places.
I hope youll like it and any critics and suggestions are welcome.

Ok heres a another small update. i think that the armour texture is basicly done, still need to play a bit with skin materials and textures.

hope you like it and as always any critics and suggestions are welcome.

link to larger Version

And another small update. still trying to tweak her skin and hairs also started to play with rig and shape keys.

Hey. this is probably my last update on this one so if you have any comments or last suggestions feel free to post what you think.