Space Habitat - a home above our home

Hi guys! how are you.

I didn’t get any critiques in Finished Projects hopefully I’ll get at least one here. I want to improve my self as a CG artist and I know I need other people’s opinion regarding my work.

I wanted to emulate how it would feel like living above earth. Although it’s a sci-fi scene, I didn’t go all out sci-fi look with the architecture.

Please give me a comment below- just let me know what you think of the scene. Give me a critique so I can see where I can improve.

Thanks for dropping by.

Mainly modeled in blender,
sculpted a bit in Zbrush,
Rendered using cycles - 1000 samples

High Res version:[email protected]/


If I must critique, I think that the floor is a bit plain. And the books in the book shelf shouldn’t all be propped upright because they wouldn’t really be that way in real life…Put some diagonal, face down etc. I think the stars are a bit much, and the sun should be more on the yellowish side. But the modeling is there! The scene looks almost a bit to perfect if that makes sense, make it more messy and have some more clutter.

thanks! :slight_smile: