Space Hunting (Arcade)

Hi, all

After the end of my last project where most things simply where to hard for me to do
right now i did not want to delete all models and every code. So here is the new Project:

Space Hunting
(i know the name is just AWSOME and so orginal!!)

Your a Pilot of a Ship, and u try to avoid the Rocks and stay at max HP.
Thats realy it.

Ok here some good info:

  • Arrows/WASD for move
  • 98% Rocks (if they get Leftout +2, if Top/Downout +1 points)
  • 2% Healt Packs (Heals u fully OR +10/+5 points)
  • 3 Random Ships (yep they from my last projekt)

Let me Know what u Think about this all.
greets Equal

Edit, the packed exe file :
Edit2, added a screenshot.


SH.blend (832 KB)

screen shots please.

yes, screenshots.

i can’t play :frowning: it goes black and prompt thing says fatal error, no attribute in object p1 or something like that. hard to read it keeps adding that error.

Hm, then try the blend file, i dont know what could be the problem.
i used non outdated pythons, so “python26.dll” is in there but not “python25.dll”.
mb that could be the problem , try to paste there a copy of it.

greets equal

Update 0.45:

  • added a basic weapon
  • added quick restart (Shift+R)
  • added extreme Mode (press X within 4 seconds after start)

yeah, it progresses well.


SpaceHunter.blend (848 KB)

Hey could you write up a tutorial or something on how to make a game like this? Cause I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my spaceships to shoot things and destroy what they hit.

Update 0.55:

  • added Limits( in different areas like when u dead u dont get points or pick up stuff)
  • added EnergyBalls ( they give an amount of energy back, if u pick up more then if u shoot at them)
  • added PointsBalls( they give Points(suprise!!), only if pick up otherwise they remove some)
  • added HPbar
  • added Powerbar
  • shoots now cost 5 energy(power)
  • added Stats-menue (press “I” ingame)
  • changed shoot-button to LeftShift (this is because my keyboard is little defect)
  • changed the healamount from full to 20+10%maxHP


Im very open to any kind of ideas, suggestions and improvments are very welcome.
just let me know what u think about this.

DividedSpleen23, Im sorry but i dont have the time to write right now a tutorial.
mb in the future when im done with this i will do one. But i hope i write the codes very simple and clear to understand(’ mb not the most efficient way, but hey’). simply open the .blend and absorb all the knowlege.

greets Equal

PS: philman, mb u try to start the game in the .blend from the OVERLAY scene, this will not work, pls check if its the MAIN scene and laver 1. hf


Update 0.67:

  • added a Menue (but its not good done right now)
  • for menue start press 1 when u see the start,info, quit things.
  • fixed a error with energy balls( no pick up!!)

DL link:


Update 0.86:

  • reworked Menu (it now work perfect)
  • added a timer to gameplay (3 mins max)

Ok, the Menu is done. now u can choose a ship there and if u dont u get a random one.
Because i had problems with collision again, i was not able to ensure a nice lvl.
but i will work on 1-3 lvl the next versions and mb some weapon system.
As for now a simple shoot and meteors have to be egnouth.

If i have done the Levels, texturing will be started.

DL link:

DL contains: a rar with:
all needed files , an exe and all the blends.

greets Equal

The game is finished, u can follow here
to see it.

greets equal