Space Interceptor (not fighter)

Ok, to break from the norm around here, I now post a space interceptor! Not another Space fighter. Aren’t you glad?

Anyway, here’s my interceptor. C&C are most welcome!
PS: It will be much more detailed by the time I’m finished with it.


are you going to put some greeble/doodads on it? They can really enhance the look of an interceptor. out of curiosity, isn’t there no real difference between an interceptor and a fighter? an interceptor is just a specialized fighter.

anyways, i like where you’re going with this, reminds me of the defender from escape velocity :wink: keep it up

Hehe, theres no real differece, I was just tired of reading people posting their space “fighter” or whatever, so I wanted mine to be different! Special!

Anyway, Ya, I’m gonna greeble some parts, add hull armor in some places, add engines, ect.
I’m also gonna put a cockpit in…I’m aiming to make it realistic in function (One example of this is the hinge like objects on the winglets, which can swing the wings up and down).