Space Invaders (Shool project)

Hey everyone

Just so it’s said: I’m sorry for any spelling or grammatical mistakes in this post, because english is not my native language.

In a few days, there is an event at my school, where every student can present a game that he coded. A few friends and I have decided to make a Space Invaders. At first we thought about the framework or the game engine we’re gonna use. For some reason I came with the idea to make a 3D Space Invaders with the BGE. So we went moddelling and coding in every break we had. In the mean time, we had to learn how the BGE works, because nobody of us has ever made anything with the game engine except a few tests. Our Space Invaders may be not the best blender game ever made, but I think for a first attempt on a 3D game, it’s not bad. Of course it’s not finished yet. We have to design a few more levels and there is still another enemy and the first boss under developement.

Here a few screenshots:

If you want to try the game, here’s the download:

We of course lower the drop rate of the upgrades when we have to present our game, but it’s neet to have many drops while debugging.

Feel free to leave your opinion of this project or tell us what we should work on.