Space Invaders! (Upgrade)

This game is called SPACE INVADERS UPGRADE.
Not much to say, check it out!

>>> DOWNLOAD (WIP Ver. 0.1.1 .blendfile…):
>>> DOWNLOAD (WIP Ver. 0.1, Windows 32-Bit):
>>> DOWNLOAD (WIP Ver. 0.1, Windows 64-Bit):

Also, check out this horrible video preview:


Left CTRL: Shoot (the game says “spacebar”)
Right/Left Arrow: Move right/left

I think I managed to produce quite a entertaining game.
Here’s an ingame screenshot:

Known problems:

  1. Every difficulty mode is the same.
  2. Ingame instructions are slightly wrong.
  3. Only 2 enemy types so far.
  4. Strange bullet behaviour.
  5. Music and SFX are missing or simply awful (I’m definitely going to change the music, it’s a placeholder as it is right now, except for the “GAME OVER” lol)

Serious problems:

  1. Score cannot be saved.
  2. Game cannot be paused.
  3. Terrible lag when the actual game starts.
    Simply got no idea how to realise it.
    Help’s welcome, so if someone has an idea :wink:

Hope you guys like it!

Only for Windows!

I would like to play, but it would appear it’s not a valid Win32 application. Are you working on a 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Blender distribution? Perhaps you could try using a 32-bit BlenderPlayer.

I’m afraid it’s Windows only :frowning: ^not anymore.

I now made another runtime for 32-Bit Windows:
The game actually ran better in 32-Bit Blender - Though I got a runtime error when I tried to run it as a standalone (therefore I couldn’t test if the upload actually works).

why not release a blend file? blend files are almost universal, right?
You aren’t planing on making that a commercial game are you?

I’m afraid it wouldn’t sell very well :wink:
Here’s the .blend:
Only change: a new enemy type.

Fun, real fun.

Yeah, it’s pretty fun. There are some collision issues, but it’s pretty well-made. Great job.

Thanks very much!
I hope it gives you some arcade-feeling;)