Space Invasion

epic space invasion! all compositing done in blender

blender 2.75

More info:

That’s pretty cool, I like the grimey texture.

Nice! I would love some sort of light or energy (not flames) or beams coming out of the engines. Looks pretty cool!

maybe it can emit particles from the engine…

great scene and model…i will be looking at the sky!

Hi. Good modelling but i think the textures are a bit weird. They look more like plaster sçratches or grime from a small scale surface. These look like something has scratched the pain surface of the ship, but i can’t help wonder what could cause this in the void of space…if it had been a meteorite or somthing like that it would have made much more damages. At the moment it is difficult to say what size the ufo is. If it is supposed to be huge, then you might need to had much more modeled details of external structures like portals, gates or ‘windows’ or any other cool stuff like you used in the lower part of the mesh. If it is supposed to be a small space craft, maybe to lower part is too detailed…anyway you should try to define the scale more clearly.