Space Jackal Pirate

I got this weird idea from derping around with a bunch of friends on a Kik chat. This specific character sort of just popped into my head in a strange dream I had last night. I thought I might as well create a WIP thread on here and submit it to Andrew Price’s character competition. I know certainly not going to win, especially since I started so late. It’s not like people even like anthro stuff anyway. Hehe, I actually feel like I’m being silently put to shame on this forum.

Here’s the fairly basic mesh I have so far:

Thumbnail (Not the first render):


I added hands and added a bit more fluff on his head. Time to add some more pirate related things.


I wasn’t able to get it in time, because I could get the file manager to open. The upload button stopped it from opening. By the time refreshed the page and a million "Nemo"s appeared. It was too late. I wish I had know about the competition beforehand.

SketchFab seems to not like the updated model.