Space Jam Pipeline?

Hi. I’m new to Blender, but my idea is to use it in combination with Davinci Resolve in order to create a video merging 2D with live action footage. Like “Space Jam” or “Who Framed Roger Rabit”, the live action footage is the background, with 2D characters who appear to exist in space with the live action footage. I want to know what my workflow should look like, more or less.

My plan so far:

  • I’m not sure if I need to be working with image sequences of the live action (imported into blender) or if i can just use a mp4 as a reference while drawing out characters (which is what i would prefer to do). My idea is to render that 2D character to mp4 out of Blender (with a green screen), and then import it into Davinci Resolve, but i don’t know if working with an image sequence would be better.

Noob Question:

  • So, i don’t want this character to just be motion tracked in (so to speak). I want to know if I can map out the video in 3d (preferably inside of Davinci), so that i could have more of a 2.5D feel, instead of just 2D on top of live footage. That way the camera angel could change (e.g. pivot 180 degrees) but the 2D would react with 3D realism.

I think this is ambitious for a real beginner, so I’m really just looking for a workflow (specific, clear steps please, I’m a noob) so that i can, hopefully, invest my time more intelligently.

Thank you very much for your time!