Space Jam / WAP mashup music video (rendered in 2.93 with Eevee)

This is my first major Blender project, and it’s really nine separate project files each with its own technical challenges. Rendered as 4k 16-bit pngs for color grading in Premiere Pro.

This was one of those things that I knew was going to have limited appeal, but I just fell in love with the idea and couldn’t give it up until I had taken it as far as I possibly could. Took me 10 long months of mumbling about UV unwrapping, constraints, and lighting rigs. It’s silly but I’m super proud of it and only you guys will appreciate how much effort it took!


Yeah, you really did a great job!
I wish I could do that too, start something so big and stay focused on it and not give up until it’s all done! Great quality in my opinion! I should have a little more of that.
Good luck! :+1:

Thanks so much! It helped that it was divided into sections, so I had a sense of accomplishment as I finished the pieces. There were lots of little milestones to get excited about instead of focusing on this huge, distant finish line.