Space Junk

Simple ship design. Hope you like. Someday i’ll have a computer that can handle bigger more complicated scenes! I hope!


wow how low end is your box? If your PC is not able to handle the model try lowering the poly count if possible.

I like the design that from what I can see but I would rotate it so a little more of the side was visible and we could make out the profile of it, it almost looks like the laser is a florescent light on the inside of the right wing (img left) . I would also use a star field with a little more variation in size of seeds, I almost couldn’t tell there were stars because the dots are so small and there is very little contrast. You could also help it to read better if you added more front light if there is any at all. a scene like this would benefit from a key light, fill and a halo/rim light. I would say it is a good start but push your self and your pc a little bit more and see what you can come up with.

I hope this is useful and I hope to see more from you again!

Okay but you should light everything up. I’m not really able to see the model clearly enough.

Thanks for the constructive feedback. I added some things, and hope to make my next space scene more realistic as I learn more techniques. Hope you like this one though.