Space Marine Animation Test

I just finished a quick test of one of my Space Marines going through some basic combat motions:

For those interested, you can download the Space Marine models on Blendswap and support them on Lego Cuusoo to see them as a real set.

Rendered in Cycles at 350 samples. Criticism is always welcome!

SweeeEEeet, action packed animation! :slight_smile:

Very nice!

Would love to see more.

Wow it looks great!

But I think you have to work on the depth of field it bounces back and forward, ofcourse it stil a test. you obviously tried to create a lego character. You’ve don great but the legs bend in a way they shoudnt with lego. The bend only at the top, just under the part were you connect the legs with the upper body. Realy lego legs only bend at one point. But if thats the way you wanted it, I didnt said a thing :slight_smile:

Would love to see more of this :slight_smile:

I agree, the camera shake is a bit too much. About the legs, though- I was intentionally going for a knee bend, as that’s what official Lego animations depict minifigs as having.

nice animation for a character with limited mobility. One thing: it isn’t very clear what the soldier is doing with his left hand at the first of the animation. I watched it several times be for figuring out he was tossing a grenade (I think). The motion is lost due to an abrupt camera movement. If it weren’t for the explosion sound effect, you wouldn’t be able to tell what he was doing. Keep at it, you really have something here!

Very cool!

Is there anywhere I can get one of those models other than Blendswap?

Not right now. What’s wrong with Blendswap? It’s free as beer and as in speech, ad it’s easy to create a account to download stuff.

It wasn’t working when I tried to sign up, but now it is. :spin: