space marine wip

Hi guys, I’m pretty new to Blender, watched a few tutorials but never had the nerve to finish anything yet ^^"
So instead of fooling around with fluid and particle simulations for the rest of eternity I decided to once finish a project and learn something while doing so. No, basically I just wanted to animate and rig something, but I have not had the joy to do so yet -_-

This is the current state of my space marine with I think about 5600tris so far, ~6hours work with several restarts from scratch. The legs and feet are royally screwed which gives me a headache, chances are 100% to redo them both lol :spin: probably the arms and shoulderpads too
btw: there is none such chapter that uses these colors as far as I know, I made that up.

this skull taught me how to fs*ing bake maps, seriously I never knew and my life has dramatically improved since I found out

€: damn starting new threads can be tricky

Cool, I like what you’ve done so far. Keep it up, I would love to see more.

dude thats not a bad model at all:) the hands look fine…feet could be adjusted a lil like you said…only other thing is the shoulder pads…texture bleeds. but it still looks good:)

i redid the feet and shoulderpads, now i only need to redo the hands. at the same time i already started to figure out how to rig a human skeleton…

my only fear is that especially the shoulderpads will mess up bad when combined with the armature since there are still holes and the rest is kinda weird on the inside

this would probably best be accomplished the old way: naming the bones, and creating corresponding vertex groups on your mesh, and weighting them if necessary.

Nice work. I used that same reference model when I was working on a space marine of my own. I eventually realized that it didn’t match up well with either the games workshop miniatures or the human reference models I used. Just in case that makes a difference to you.
some major changes around the arms and i have added vertex groups for the whole mesh as modron suggested :slight_smile:
i have the mirror modifier still on, i guess i have to rename at least the legs and arms when i apply it for the bones to work ~_*

i decided to detach the shoulderpads till i figure out how to attach them properly, and while doing this redid the arms and i like it that way much better. atm i dont know what i should parent the pads to(base mesh or armature?), to get them working in the animations…

and I dont know how but this whole redo-thing gave me ~2k tris (less) which is a good indicator that it was worth it :smiley: 3400tris

@Kronecker: yeah i saw your threads with the ultramarine and others when i searched the board, i noticed you had a total different way of handling materials and textures than me atm …
what do you mean by human reference model? it’s a space marine, some kind of gene inbreed which is ~2.5 heads taller than the normal imperial citizen, if that’s what you mean :)? i used to have some fith edition marines somewhere and the army painter thing is accurate enough for my intentions

kinda small update, been too busy doing other stuff so i decided to combine it with papervision taught me alot