Space Marine

Decided to do a character inspired by WH40k space marine. It is a modelling excercise intended to stay as a clay render. There is still tons of details to add/fix.


You kick ass as modeler

Is this planned to be the final pose?

Thanks J11. It is really just a matter of time spent on it.

Nope, not the final pose yet. Hands are now just hanging down, they need to be re-positioned to a more natural pose and fix the deformation. And then some more minor adjustments all over the place. But it will be something similar to this.

nice work,
the hands looks to short !!

I’ve adjusted the hands, added few normal maps and fixed some details. Also tried the first test render. I’m still trying to figure out the shading and lights. Something that would help to put emphasis on details.


use rim sharp light from the sides,
the shadows will help bumping the details