space mine(like land mine) very WIPish

imagewhat do you think? Its a mine(like land mine) for space. the long sausage like things are supposed to be like anntanni to sence the ships. im planning on putting a radio active sign on it along with a american flag. like i said this is very early wip and im a bigginer with blender so if u have any ideas/tutorial that you think would help(materials are still a grey relm so i would like those) let me know.

That’s actually kinda neat. Looks a little like it’s filled with the green goop from Unreal, too.

Y’know, I just realized, most of the space mines I’ve seen are acturally essentially hunks of metal with annoying stationary turrets on them. Though b5 did use and explosve one once … hmm … ramble ramble. Go on and see what you can do with this :slight_smile:


i added some reflection on the attenna things and some more materials. does any1 know how to make it so you can see the lamps not just the light when it bounces off things?