Space Motes: Mercury

A short on my take of the planet mercury really, tell me what you guys think (or critique :p)!

Credits in Description for sound use

Not a fan of the voice because it sounds robotic. The animation is slow and the foot work needs improvement. Normally, the hands are naturally curved in a relaxed state.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll work on speeding up the animation a bit but for the voice, I wanted to use my own voice but where I am, I get alot of background noise so that isn’t very possible, but is the voice played too slowly during the video? Finally, I’ll change the foot work from a drag to a lift type and see if that has any significant difference.

For the voice though, do you have any suggestions on how I can make it better?

Thanks for the critique though, things to fix

  • Hand curve
  • Foot Work

I could tell that you did use a read to speak feature on your PC. The speed of the voice isn’t slow at all. Now as far as combating back ground noise, you could use a special filter in front of a mic in order to reduce background noise or you will have to find a time of the day where there the noise pollution is at it’s lowest. However, if the actual problem is the mic itself creating the static, then you may need to get a new one.

I’ll see what I can work with Audacity, found a nice guide on noise removal, though I’d need a time of day of low noise pollution as you said.

Thanks ALOT for the help man

Not a problem. Good luck on the next clip.

One quick and dirty way to reduce noise pollution is to set a large cardboard box on it’s side and put the microphone into the box. It won’t give you sound studio quality, but it helps.

Hm… Crude, but simplistic. I never would have thought of using a box.

Ill test it out, thanks

EDIT: @Orinoco

Yes, very crude, and you have to train your voice talent not to bump into the box while they are recording, or to adjust it’s position on the table. Duct tape helps. Of course, duct tape is the solution to a lot of mundane problems… :evilgrin:

Audacity’s noise-reduction is very good, but if the noise is really loud then it can’t do much. What kind of noise are you dealing with? Traffic? Try to record in a room with lots of soft furnishings as that will reduce echo - a bedroom is usually fine. Putting a mattress against the wall can really help as well.

What mic are you using? Stage-mics and head-set mics are designed to record only what is near them, where as area mics are designed to record the whole room. If you have a cheap mic then try to make it sound like a radio-broadcast - think if the “one small step for man” sample.