Space Navigaror for Blender 2.5

Hello everyone!
I’m new here and Teodor is my name… :slight_smile:

Is it possible to get the Space Navigation 3D mouse to work with blender 2.5 beta, or do we have to wait for Blender 2.5to be released? Would be so nice to be able to use my presious 3d mouse.


The current 2.5 trunk doesn’t have SpaceNavigator support, but one of the Google Summer of Code projects (“Summer of Fancy Input Devices,” I think the thread is called here) is working on integrating SpaceNavigator support, plus graphics tablets and some other neat stuff. I don’t own a SpaceNavigator anymore, but if you wanted you could probably check out that branch and give it a shot. It sounds like the coder is making progress, watching the weekly reports and SVN logs.

Thanks Alterscape!
I will look into that and hope it will be supported in the final release.