Space navigator & 2.59

I’m working in Blender 2.59.

I purchased a Space Navigator 3D mouse by 3DConnexion. Their site claims it will work with Blender. It works fine with its own little demo “trainer” applications. It moves in three dimensions and rotates in three dimensions and has an object mode and a camera mode. That adds up to 12 types of movement plus speed adjustments and reversal settings for every axis.

But almost none of it works in Blender. It appears to be camera mode only, 2 kinds of rotation plus ‘zooming’ (moving camera forward and back) – 3 out of the 12 movements. None of the individual axis settings work, though there is a single speed adjustment in the little Blender menu that functions.

My question: Does anyone have the Space Navigator working properly with Blender 2.59? If so, would they share the secret of their success? Is there a source of info on this problem – I have been searching the forums and not found an answer.

Thanks for any clues.

i think the 3D Mouse feature is added to the blender trunk. you can try it with a build

under Win it is easy to install and it works fine ;but I like to use Ubuntu and got all kind of problems when I tried to install it there