c&c plz

Hi artz0r! Have a look at this link here Your Nebula is too clean, and misses depth and chaos. The planets are nicely done, but should you be able to see them so clearly. If you wanted it to be more dramatic, a suggestion of movement would help. At the moment the nebula looks too much like a backdrop. More details and points of focus in gas activity would help I think. Check out the ‘Spine of Eagle Nebula’ movie link on the Hubble site. Nature is awesome!

patdog is right about it looking more like a background than an actual nebula…
but it’s fantastic!

has that sort of celestial feel to it in my book!

Plus the planets seem very nicely done. allthough it does look like the main lightsource is located between all the planets… because they’re shaded on the opposite ends.

but still real gr00vy! :o :smiley:

I think it looks like a bad bbuf with three spheres? :-?

But i’m not a alien :stuck_out_tongue:

The nebula itself is pretty good, but as mentioned earlier, the lightsource is badly located. The planets are shadowed towards the exterior therefore there should be a sun in the center. It is quite empty though…

where should the lightsource go???