Space Nebula

For my clydesdale project I made an excursion to modelling space scenery.
I missed good examples in the forum and so I tried to create the nebula with the particel system, with unfruitful results.

Thanks to this tutorial i got new perspectives.

Hope you like it, hints are welcome :slight_smile: !

The first two pictures are examples from NASA. The third is my blender render.


i think the extra brightness of the yellow/white color in the bottom right must most hide the little white points. It’s an excellent composition

Thanks, yes right.

And I think, it doesn’t look 3D…hm.

Gorgeous my friend, gorgeous.

It looks very well done. I like it. Perhaps a few composite nodes to help enhance the image?

Thanks you all.
Compisite, why not :slight_smile: !? But what?

Looks good. Your getting closer then most that I have seen.

The stars seem a bit too uniform in size and color. It looks like there are only three sizes.

The nebula could use some more contrast and detail. It’s basically a huge fluid sim to take a look at smoke textures to help you out.

I would also change the colors. Yellow is cool but very bright not typical, if your going for realism I’d do more of a red, blue, purple, orange kinda colors.

As thumbnails I thought they were all Nasa images, then the color gave it away.

Good work! It’s definitely getting there :smiley:


:slight_smile: Yes, there are only three sizes and four colors. I’ll set different distances, this should solve the problem.
This nebula only contains 5 big halos with a procedural textures (each about 5-10 color ramp marks).

You’re damn right! I need more detail, but I don’t know how…hm…trial and error.

Realism means, there are no colors :frowning: - the colors of both NASA images are mapped radation wave length to a defined color. So, the red and orange isn’t real, too. Maybe I’ll try to make a red or blue nebula.