Space Octopus

The Space octopus is a small shiny ball with four rockets strapped onto it. This small ship is used to investigate the surfaces of distant planets like mercur during the pre-freighter era. The small cockpit allows enough space to cram two astronauts into it, however due to the missions usually being very long, this ship was mainly operated by computers or robots. Today, its only getting used by adrenaline chunkys looking for a thrilling ride.

The rocket engines are pretty janky since I used image reprojection to create them. The Backgrounds are just images by Nasa reprojected onto lowpoly geometry. I also used depth of field and fog layers to create a better sense of depth. Rendered in Cyles

Fun weekend project that resulted in a series of renders i think turned out pretty good…


“…octopus…” “…four rockets…” I thought “octo” was eight? :thinking:

Love the images though!

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yes, thats absolutely true, didnt think of that when I named it (;

Very nice. Looks like a Soviet era craft, all heavy metal plates and solid booster functionality.

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