Space Pirate Checkpoint 24-E

I’ve been replaying through the original Metroid prime this past week. I’ve been pretty amazed at how well the graphics seem to hold up over a decade later. The whole mood of the game is amazing. The texturing especially is very well done, especially considering how little texture resolution they had to work with. So I set out to make a small tribute to the environments of that game, and try to get better at texturing myself. And…I came up with this.

Gonna try and put together a compositing breakdown of this later today or tomorrow, if anyone is interested.

Thanks for viewing, and any feedback is welcome!

Nice scene! there is something weird about the texturing of the rocks, could use post processing to enhance the coloring.
loved it.

Very well done! I’ve always love the Metroid series, one of the best ever made for Nintendo consoles, IMHO. I think you captured this nicely. Now all you need is to get Samus in there somewhere :slight_smile: