Space Pod: Universal Destruction - Project Reality

Project Reality presents, a work in progress title:


There is no plot or storyline and we don’t have any plans on having any. We just want a nice simple game where you shoot stuff and it’s fun.

The basic gist of this game is that you are a small ship, and you fly around shooting things, specifically aliens. There is no, and I’m not sure if there will be any, form of upgrade system. Currently you have only 2 weapons, the standard: small, duel, rapid fire lasors and the main gun that is larger, more powerful and ofcourse fires slower. It’s the usual fast attack, strong attack combo and I have little intent of changing that. So far there are only 3 enemy types, a saucer, fighter and normal looking sci-fi space ship. We have music, background and menu music that I am doing myself and an almost complete sound system for firing weapons, ambience and so-on.

A video for proof of concept and demonstration:

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