Space Power :-)

The actual subject of this render was a logo for a space game that I somehow got the commission to work on. There was an online alliance named SMASH and I chose to integrate the two ideas by mounting a giant fist onto a space-ship and give it a very…imminently-smashing-you-in-the-face look

This is actually an old model I did last summer that I never showed off. It was the very, very first time I did a model while understanding what poles were. I spent the first half of the model working on just learning how to adapt my extrusion style to figuring out pole locations.

I found some shapes to be challenging at first, but by the end I could predict where I needed to place poles and how to make the connectivity straightforward and fit in fluidly with my extrusion style. The result was that the fist took about 1/100th the time of the hull. My heart goes out to the blender learning curve :slight_smile:

The only money shot was from the front, so it could be said I was doing this entirely for practice at the time, and it paid off pretty well. In modeling projects I’ve started recently, I’ve noticed that the vast mental scar incurred from this project has been slowly healing and that I’m a faster modeler than I ever thought I’d be.

The only material I applied just has a cloud normal map to make the surface look just a little bit like a giant brick of cast metal. I intended to teach myself normal mapping and all that jazz using this model, but fate took my hard drive and I ended up learning normal mapping on a simpler model.

Sadly, the original blend file died on my last hard drive. (also learned to back up from this project x_x) Still, it was a fun model and I was very satisfied that my skill level went up so fast.


That’s great!

There was a prehistoric TV cartoon called “Beany and Cecil”. They loved to include bad puns. At a military base, there was a large rocket with a fist on the nose. It was called a “guided muscle”, a play on “guided missile.”

that is a really cool idea for a ship! I would love to see it with some contrast with the background. right now it is hard to see the details.

I submitted this to cut and paste and was selected for the test sessions. :slight_smile: Not sure if I can go or if I want to represent Blender users at this stage of my skill level. Maybe if I had a few months to fill in some gaps in my work flow and do some practice.

Fantastic idea. However, you need to make a texture for it and maybe add some better lighting, it’s really hard to see the details.

Reminds me of that Yellow Submarine film.

thats an aerodynamical disaster aaaaaaaahhh!
i think the lightning is ok (almost) , the hard contrast support the fist symbol I would like to see it landing on an earth airport