Space Project (Working Title)

Me and my freinds have been working on a space game, so far, we call it “Space Project”. The goal is to make a space flight and combat simulator/action game where spaceships actually fly according to space physics, unlike Starwars games where space seemingly has an atmosphere and gravity. Right now, I have finished modeling a fighter (Which you play as). It has 20 Airjets, 12 boosters. Any ideas for a name for the game are appreciated.

C&C appreciated.

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Sorry, this isn’t very constructive…

But what are space physics?
You just mean sounds outside the cockpit wont be heard and things will float?
Or is there some uber-geeky physics stuff your implimenting???

But, yeah, I noticed in the last StarWars movie… a ship, in space, got shot and it pitched “downwards” like a plane falling out the air :? (in the big space battle scene)

Also somthing I find odd in sci-fi movies/shows, is when ships meet in space or come out of jump/hyperdrive/slipstream/etc/etc near each other they are always both the same way up… is there some sort of universal agreement of Space-Up & Space-Down in the future (or now?)

Oh and nice model :slight_smile:

Hmm. I would like to know what space physics are also. I think most people mean that when you turn your ship it keeps going in the same direction but your looking at something else. So you have to manually operate retros to move you the way you want. Hard to picture these advanced space ships that wouldn’t have computer operated retro’s, but hey, it is fun messing around with them. Kind of like those moon landers but with no gravity. Give it too much left retro and you fly off and hit some asteroid, all the time being blasted by someone that knows how to fly. I would think doing AI for that would be kind of hard though.

It is kind of difficult to explain the space physics, but i’ll give it a go.

In games like Starwars battlefront 2, the fighters have to be moving in order to turn, also, you cannot go backwards or sit still. If the fighters are moving fast, you can see water vapor trails off the wings, which would only happen in an atmosphere, on a planet that had water. Also, there are no little jets on the starwars ships, and appear to be rudder controled, which I might add, is only possible in atmospheric conditions. Sorry for rediculing Starwars so much, but it is the most obvouis and widley known.

Also, the only sounds in space, will be the sounds that you would hear inside the cockpit. And sounds like your cannons firing will be very muffled.

I have a couple of questions:

1: Why would the sounds in your cockpit be muffled? The medium that’s being vibrated (the gun barrels or surrounding metals) would vibrate normally, and the air inside the cockpit would as well. So why would it be muffled?

2: Why would there be no water trails? The water still has mass, and thus inertia, so why would it follow the velocity (speed and direction) of the wing?

I am not positive that I’m correct (that’s why I phrased them as questions), but maybe you should do some detailed research. If I’m wrong, nevermind. Just thoughts. Also, if you’re going into a lot of detail, you may want to explore how and if guns can fire. Lasers, though an old sci-fi standby, are a likely new weapons development, so that may be an option. Also, plasma (super heated gas) is a possiblity. And about the name, perhaps something more interesting than “Star Wars” or “Star Trek”, perhaps a biblical reference. I dunno, but games that’re deeply named, with a lot of thought put into them seem more interesting initially (Deus Ex, Arx Fatalis, etc.). Hope that all helps!


1: The sounds in the cockpit would be muffled because they are not traveling directly from air to eardrum, the sound of say, the cannons would have to go through metal, air, your helmet, more air, then finaly to the eardrum. The same why in present day fighter jets sounds are muffled.

2: There would never be any water vapor trails because water vapor cannot exist in space.

The idea of super heated plasma and lasers is simply fantasy, there is no way that a laser or super heated plasma could do near the amount of damage a heat seeking missle. In reality, Plasma and lasers just arn’t practical.

The fighters armament:
Dual cannons (fire 20mm explosive rounds at 720 R/M)
8 Guided missles
2 Dummies (To ward off enemy missles)

I agree with the name having to do with something biblical, or maybe something latin or greek.

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Are they gonna have shields? Are you going to have it so you can hear explosions, it’s unrealistic but they’re explosions and everybody likes explosions.

Why dummies? Why not flares?

I hope you know that you can use for the turning of the plane and moving the linV and angV in the logic bricks(python too offcourse)

Anything can exist in space if you put it there. Rockets have to carry the oxygen in order to get the burn, I think. I’m not sure. Besides, how do you know it’s water vaper. Maybe it’s carbon or something.

The U.S. government has actually had some real results with lazer weapons.

I heard George Lucas discuss these things and he said it was just too boring to adhere to actual physics. These things are fantasy entertainment. Would you be figuring out the lead in a real space ship when you fire a weapon? No, computers would do that, but that wouldn’t be much fun. I like sounds and explosions and parts flying out all over. Adds interest. I don’t want to listen to myself breath.

I’ll reserve judgement til I play your game though. The whole idea with making our own games is to try different things. If we make copies of commercial games we’re wasting our time and everyone elses.

Ehhh forget about looking at star wars. Take a look at gundam seed or something. Their ships and gundams have thrusters scattered over the place, lol.

Hmm… might be possible to have vapor trails (I don’t know). The weapons itself can cause massive heat radiation. Maybe it’s heat emission that you see instead of vapor (dunno, never played battefront)?

Err… why can’t you hear any sounds inside the cockpit? It’s true that sound bouces all over the place through particles in the air and reaches us (gah, my physics is rusty, I think that was how it is). In space there’s actually tiny particles as well, it’s not just open space.

:pI don’t care much about space realism, nor do a lot of other people is my guess. Lol, more than 99.99% of us would never go up to space anyhows and probably wouldn’t know the difference. Heh, make sure the realism doesn’t affect the fun factor of the game.

Jason Lin

Thank you for all the replies :slight_smile:

anthony, I have thought of putting in the explosions, but I think i have decided not. There will be the sounds of shapnel hitting your fighter, that is, if it does. When an enemy fighter explodes lots of shrapnel will go all over the place, and you have to watch out for large bits of it. I guess you could say the dummies are flares. They are basically an extremely hot missle that attracts the enemy missles towards it, instead of your ship. This works best if you turn off the engines temporarily.

AniCator, of course! I know what i’m doing.

fireside, Rockets do not need oxygen to get the burn, there are many other fuels out there, These rockets will probably use Hydrogen, being that 90% of the universes’ matter is made up of it, it should make a good resource. When a laser can do more damage the a missle, you guys let me know.

goldentaiji, I suppose you could say that Gundam is realistic, but after looking at this:

As for the sounds in space, I don’t know if you noticed but, SPACE IS A VACUUM!!! That is why if there is a hull breach, the cabin depressurizes, and why when you land, you have to go through the airlock, and it is also why space men have to wear space suits.

About vapors, Vapor cannot exist in space, and you need a vapor in order to create a vapor trail. Vapor cannont be in space, because the moment the vapor is put into space, it disperses. It goes away. It will spread out so much, that vapor trails could not be created.

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Lol I got the impression dummies were little space things that flew away from you or something.

The first stage will usually use high-density (low volume) propellants to reduce the area exposed to atmospheric drag and because of the lighter tankage and higher thrust/weight ratios. Thus, the Apollo-Saturn V first stage used kerosene-liquid oxygen rather than the liquid hydrogen-liquid oxygen used on the upper stages (hydrogen is highly energetic per kilogram, but not per cubic metre). Similarly, the Space Shuttle uses high-thrust, high-density SRBs for its lift-off with the liquid hydrogen-liquid oxygen SSMEs used partly for lift-off but primarily for orbital insertion.

Notice the combination of liquid hydrogen-liquid oxygen mentioned. That’s because hydrogen needs oxygen to burn and gives off water as a byproduct.

Of course, if you were talking about fusion reaction that wouldn’t be the case, but by then I think lazers will be a lot more powerful. Actually, I think it’s a little more unbelievable shooting something solid at things that are capable of star travel.

fireside, Hydrogen does not need oxygen to burn, it might burn better with oxygen, but it does not need it. Also, in space, Oxygen is a very valuble resource, especially on a warship that may have to be away from the colony for a long time. Hydrogen/Oxygen mix is only required in the making of water. In this situation, some other fuel mix would be used. The reason they used Oxygen on the space shuttle was probably because we don’t have to worry about running out of oxygen here on earth.

Hydrogen does not need oxygen to burn

Burning is just a chemical reaction where molecules mix with oxygen. Hydrogen, by itself, can’t have a chemical reaction, so it can’t burn. If your in school, ask your chemistry or science teacher about it. The only other type of reaction you can get is fusion reaction, but it takes tremendous heat and pressure to get it started, like the sun uses.
No ones built a successful fusion reactor so we’re further behind with that then we are with lazer weapons. Unless, of course, you count the hydrogen bomb, but that’s a little too uncontrolled.

I don’t want to start a war over this so i’ll leave it at this:

The Space Project will NOT use lasers, even if Fusion Reaction is cool, even if Hydrogen needs oxygen, even if The US government has had some progress with lasers. I am using explosive rounds and missles, because lasers look stupid, and they just would not have the destructive power of a missle. Anyways, so the point is, i’m keeping this game based on reality, not starwars or gundam. All further posts on this thread should be about the game, and not about they physics of hydrogen/fusion reaction.

On the topic of the Space Project,
I have done most of the flying, so currently you can fly around with the currently un-textured ship, it is very difficult, but I am going to add many autopilot features, such as:

AutoTrack - Where the nose of your ship will automatically try to aim in the general direction of your enemy.

AutoEvade - When an enemy missle is tracking you, you can use this to attempt to auto evade the missle.

Landing Assist - Points the nose of your ship towards the landing bay, this can also be helpful when you are spinning out of control

Also, at the menu before a mission, you can set it on AutoStabilization, where your ship will slowly come to a stop when spinning out of control, it also makes it easier to fly

As for right now, I’m gonna make the Enemy and Team AI

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Alrighty, I just finished a basic team AI, where they just fly around at near random. I have them set as stunt lovers, so they do allot of barrel rolls, and things of the sort. I’ll post up a .Blend in a bit.


I know this is off topic but it seems you may know, I seen a possible answer to an issue I have been having.

I have written a science fiction book and plan on getting it published soon. One of the scenes there is fire that breaks out in in zero grav. What unique effects would fire have (fed by oxygen) in zero G. I currently have it as bubbles of flame (kind of self contained).

Also with the hydrogen to burn you would need a splicing of the nucleus or a forced combining of hydrogen to make it work without a chemical based reaction. If you want the ships to fly (within somewhat practical speeds, 5 to 10 million mph) then you would need fusion or fission reactions.

Hmm… I’m not sure what fire in space would look like. If it was fed, I don’t know, but i do know that space explosion are like a a flash, and it extinguishes very quickley. The big ships would probably use cold fusion or something like that.

Sorry to start the whole science discussion off chaser, but I was under the idea that this was attempting to be very realistic. And I thought good discussions on the topic would help you out.

Btw, the US government has already implemented lasers as a weapon to shoot down incoming nukes.