Space Robot Concept


With the successful landing of the Mars rover “Perseverance” I felt inspired to create a concept which somehow related to this. A lot of the parts on this concept were derived from parts I found on rovers like Perseverance and Curiosity; gold tape and cable ties are among some of these parts. I doubt this robot could actually work in actuality given I was more focused on the aesthetics of the project. In future I hope I can achieve better mechanical accuracy.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks for stopping by.


Great hard surface modelling. :ok_hand:t4:

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Thank you!

lol i is it a stand alone bot or does it get attatched to a larger robot
it appears to me that it would hop using its one leg which could work but as soon as it encounters any slope or pebble it would probably fall over or even high winds which on mars is frequent i think if it just had 4 wheel bas or even three wheels (cause that would be cooler) it would look a lot more useable
but other than that i love the little guy looks pretty cute and the Hard surface looks amazing

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Thank you for the great feedback! I’ll definitely try to consider those sorts of things in future projects. The stability of the single leg was something I was always a little unsure of :sweat_smile: